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Dec 06

Stop Hunger Now

Life in South Africa can be very hard. Especially for those without work or those who are not able to feed themselves and their children adequately.

Nov 26

The Little Green Book

“When people use more paper, suppliers plant more trees. If we want bigger commercial forests, then we should use more paper not less. Our policies should directly protect important wildlife habitats, not try to reduce our demand for paper.”

Edward L. Glaeser, Professor of Economics at Harvard University

Nov 24

“Globally, private forestry is estimated to result in the absorption of 1 billion tonnes of CO2 per annum.”

Australian Paper Industry Association (APIA)

Nov 21

“A sustainably managed forest can be relatively carbon neutral if logging is balanced with re-growth.”

The Sustainable Procurement of wood & Paper products:
An introduction.

Nov 15

“All Merpak envelope papers are sourced from suppliers who comply with the international Forest Stewardship Council. (FSC)”

Merpak Envelopes (PTY) LTD

Nov 12

“The annual increase of forest cover in Europe is equivalent to more than 1.5 million football fields.”

Nov 06

“Reading a newspaper can consume 20% less carbon than viewing news online.”

Swedish Royal Institute for Technology

Nov 05

“90% of deforestation is caused by unsustainable agricultural practices.”

Underlying causes of deforestation, World
Rainforest Movement, UN FAO