Customised Envelopes

Merpak is able to customise envelopes for every requirement. We have thousands of different shapes, sizes, windows and paper stocks available, from which to select.

Print techniques from digital to overprint and from litho to flexo, we are able to reproduce from the simplest to the most complex artwork.


Shapes & Sizes

There are many different sizes of envelopes, which can be used for direct mail packages. The envelope shape and size can influence the attention it receives and can make a considerable difference to response rate. Download JPG

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Postage & Emblems

To qualify for bulk postage discounts, an envelope should carry a pre-printed or franked Postage Paid Emblem. To overcome the ‘mass produced’ effect of the emblem. This can be custom-designed to suit and brand your mailing. The emblem must have ‘Postage Paid South Africa’ or the Region/Post Office from which the mailing is posted. (It …

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You’ve got to think of your envelope as a friendly, attractive sales person with something new, interesting, and provocative to say and sell. Graphics make for an appealing, inviting envelope – and can help paint the picture of your offer.Graphics may be either illustrative or photographic and may be run over the front only, or …

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SINGLE WINDOW There are a number of window sizes and shapes to choose from. Just remember that the Post Office does specify a standard size (45mm x 90mm) and position for standard mail. For non-standard mail, windows may be any size and in just about any position on the envelope to suit your addressing and …

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Teaser Copy

Teaser copy should be used on the envelope to provoke curiosity as to it’s contents. It should be easy to read, large enough and in a clear upper and lower type face. Teaser copy should relate directly to your message inside. It may be on both sides of the envelope and may be slightly different …

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Business Reply

This is one of your evaluation and measurement elements. Where possible, include a return device. This will help to increase your response rate. There are 2 ways in which a company can enable its customers to reply without paying postage. Business Reply Service, who entails the use of a specially designed envelope or reply card …

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Stocks & Textures

For direct mail, you can choose from a full range of different textured envelopes to match the look and feel of your package. To project a sophisticated and classy image, you may want to select a textured stock. Envelope material can denote quality or poverty depending on the sales proposition or appeal the mailing is …

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Back of Envelopes

The back of the envelope is an under-utilised part of the envelope, yet it can be effectively used with either teaser copy or graphics, with interesting results. There are a variety of different flaps available, depending on what type of mailroom insertion you are going to use. Make sure a return address is included on …

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