Here are questions that we have often been asked. If you do not find the answers you need, please e-mail us at sales@merpak.co.za and we will be pleased to help. Alternatively you can call us directly using the following numbers…

  • Johannesburg: 011 719 7700
  • Cape Town: 021 799 5740

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a pocket and a wallet envelope?

A: A pocket opens on the short side and a wallet opens on the long side.

Q: What size envelopes do you sell?

A: We manufacture envelopes from 83x67mm pocket envelopes to 438x362mm X-ray envelopes as standard envelopes with customised envelopes sizes limited only by your requirements, imagination and budget.

Q: What does opaque mean?

A: Opaque is the printing on the inside of the envelope to prevent the contents of the envelope being visible through lighter grammage paper. Also called ‘security print’, in our standard envelopes it is printed in one colour in flexo ink during the manufacturing process. Special artwork can also be used for customised envelopes.

Q: What size is a standard window?

A: On two of our most common sizes, the C6 (114x162mm) and the DL (110x220mm) our standard window size is a 45x90mm window positioned 15mm from the bottom of the envelope and 20mm from the left edge of the envelope.

Q: Do you manufacture envelopes with other window sizes?

A: We have many different size and shaped windows that, while not ‘standard’ as above, are considered common, and depending on cost and quantity constraints the possibilities are endless. See customised envelopes for options and examples.

Q: What sealing options do you offer?

A: We offer either ‘gummed flap’ (traditional ‘lick and stick’), and our two self sealing options are ‘Kwikseal’ – our latex flap envelopes which is a press and seal option or ‘Simpli-Stik®’ (peel and seal). Note that the ‘Simpli-Stik®’ envelopes have the longest shelf-life.

Q: What paper do you use?

A: For our standard envelopes we generally use paper that is especially manufactured for us by Mondi. This is either white or brown, is all 100% recyclable and is from sustainable forests. See our standard envelopes tab for examples.

We can manufacture and print envelopes using most available paper grades and our sales and technical teams are always happy to advise you on the suitability of all options that are available. See our customised envelopes tab for options and ideas.

Q: Do you manufacture printed envelopes?

A: We manufacture envelopes that are printed during the manufacturing process, manufacture envelopes from especially pre-printed sheets and also print onto manufactured envelopes. See our customised envelopes tab for options and ideas.