Environmental Policy

Current research suggests that paper may be the only truly sustainable way to communicate. www.twosides.info

Paper is manufactured from a variety of sustainable and managed sources of pulp. Trees are farmed to be harvested for paper and other uses. Managed plantations produce far more oxygen and sequest more carbon di-oxide than mature forests. More and more paper mills are relying on biomass as an important alternative to fossil fuels in the generation of power for the paper making process.

Envelope manufacturing and printing does have a one-time carbon effect during production but the end product is fully recyclable and at the end of its life will compost completely leaving no harmful traces in the environment.

Merpak will only use paper that carries the FSC mark confirming that the paper can be traced through its life cycle to the managed and sustainable plantations where it was grown.

Merpak also offers envelopes manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste pulp as well as envelopes made from paper sourced from sugar cane waste.
In-house environmental initiatives of reducing power consumption, reducing noise pollution and reducing, reusing and recycling consumables continue to receive attention